About Kevin Wright

In the spring of 2007, Kevin Wright founded Old Dominion Research Group, LLC. Since that time, Old Dominion Research Group has built a reputation as a top-notch political and corporate research firm. Recent clients include the American Action Network, American Crossroads, Citizens United, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the National Rifle Association, the Republican Attorneys General Association and the Republican Governors Association.

During the 2014 election cycle, Kevin also served as Research Director for the Republican Governors Association. There, Kevin helped to successfully defend numerous incumbents, including Governors Scott Walker (R-WI), Rick Scott (R-FL), Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Paul LePage (R-ME). The ranks of Republican-held governorship’s were also bolstered with wins in deep blue states such as Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts. Republicans now hold the governor’s office in 33 states, the most in several generations.

In addition to Old Dominion Research Group, Kevin founded ThinkFY.com, a research based political blog, in September 2009.

Prior to founding Old Dominion Research Group and ThinkFY, Kevin spent the previous six years in a leadership position within the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s (NRSC) Research Department.

Kevin’s time with the NRSC was immensely successful: Republicans regained the Senate Majority in 2002 and increased the Senate Majority for Republicans in 2004, even knocking off Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD).

Before joining the NRSC in 2001, Kevin advanced the “Re-Elect America” national bus tour for the Center for the American Founding in McLean, Virginia. Kevin also spent some time in the United Kingdom with The Hansard Society for Parliamentary Government as a Hansard Scholar.

As an intern, and later a staff assistant, Kevin worked for former Vice President Dan Quayle’s leadership PAC, Campaign America, and later the early stages of the Quayle 2000 campaign.

Kevin was born in Bremerton, Washington, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Arizona State University, is married and lives in Alexandria, Virginia.