At Old Dominion, we recognize that communicating online provides opportunities and challenges for campaigns, grassroots development, coalition management, issue advocacy, and government relations.

The strategies we develop are tailored for our clients, integrating technology and online communications to achieve the greatest impact. Whether our clients need to communicate with constituents, customers, media, investors, industry groups, policy-makers, or regulators, Old Dominion’s Communications Services bring to our clients expertise in these specific areas:

  1. Online Strategy Development
  2. Web and E-Mail Strategies
  3. Content Development and Management
  4. Database Development
  5. Metrics

Online communications are not an afterthought for us - we use the Internet to get our clients’ messages out to their target audiences and to influence decision-makers. This enables us to effectively deliver these services:

  1. Issue Advocacy and Public Education
  2. Strategic Communications
  3. Crisis and Reputation Management
  4. Grassroots Organization

For more information on how Old Dominion can help you develop your communications strategy and implement it online, contact us.